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This is one of the best restaurants in Kyoto, renowned for their Sukiyaki, which is served by a kimono-clad hostess and which you enjoy in your own private tatami room. Make it a point to taste their “premium beef,” which guests travel great lengths to sample. For a meal for two, expect to spend close to ¥25,000. Mishima-tei is located at the corner of Sanjo-dori and Teramachi-dori.

Another great restaurant in Kyoto , Pontocho offers two great things: exquisite Japanese cuisine and an excellent location. This restaurant is located in a small lane spanning from Shijo-dori to Sanjo-dori right at the heart of one of Kyoto 's most popular nightlife districts. After dinner, you might want to explore one of the exclusive geisha houses a few steps away or drink all night long at a yakitori bar.

Café Rue Ribera
Located near the Emmachi Station, Café Rue Ribera is a favorite haunt of English-speaking tourists, probably because the old Japanese lady who runs the place is fluent in English herself, having lived in England . This café boasts of a relaxed atmosphere that's perfect for conversation.

Lovers of spicy foods will adore this Thai restaurant located on Marutamachi-dori. The food is excellent and inexpensive. Plus, the menu allows you choose your own spice levels. Don't worry, they have menus in English. The main dining room is softly lit and the décor and ambience exude a strong tropical feel.

This is the place to go if you want to taste the local delicacy known as nama-fu, which is wheat gluten filled with sweet bean paste. That's the perfect delicacy for people with a sweet tooth. Located just west of the Imperial Palace , Fuka is renowned for its sweets, which is supplies to many sweet shops and restaurants around Kyoto.

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